Little Things Pay Off

I spent several hours writing at my local library today. Before I cloistered myself in my favorite cubicle, I stopped by a local eatery for my favorite sandwich – a bacon cheddar egg bagel. (We can talk health issues later!) When my sandwich was delivered I did the same thing I have done every other time I have ordered it – turned the bacon around.

You see, they make the sandwich — bottom, egg, bacon, cheese, top – and then they cut it in half to make it easier to eat. Inevitably they cut it so that the bacon lays perpendicular to the cut.

So what you ask?

Well, the bacon mostly hangs over the edge of the sandwich instead of being on the sandwich causing it to be eaten separately or having to turn the bacon around.

So what you ask? (again)

Well, as much as I like this restaurant – and I do – Whenever I talk about it, the only thing I usually mention is turning my own bacon around.

No matter how great things are, it’s the little things that get remembered and shared. Take a look at your business interactions and see if your customers have to turn their own bacon around. The time you spend fixing the little things will pay off in the long run.

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