When Am I Suppose To Buy Halloween Candy

I was in a retail store last night getting a prescription filled. Halloween was almost non-existent in the store with Christmas already looming large. The Halloween candy selection was all but replaced with marshmallow Christmas trees and candy canes. I don’t know about you but I can’t buy my trick-or-treat stash before October 30th if I want to actually give it away October 31st.

Even more frustrating is that I know Valentine’s Day will fill in behind the empty Christmas card pockets and candy shelves with Easter following closely behind.

Last year I tried to buy a new winter coat at the end of January. Couldn’t find one but did find a number of bathing suits to take me through the summer. Need a wool sweater buy it in August. Back to school supplies actually begin showing up in large retailers in July. Heaven forbid you want to buy the hottest toy for your child and not have to participate in retail’s version of Roller Derby.

The shopping public is tired. Our stress levels are at record heights and the early push on our shopping seasons just adds to the anxiousness and frustration. I would be willing to bet my Christmas budget that if a retailer actually kept to a reasonable calendar without creating a false sense of “being behind,” they would do very well. I hear more and more people talking about how draining going to a mall is. Everything is on overload and no longer can one just shop for fun.

I think one reason internet shopping continues to grow is because consumers can find what they want, when they want it without all the dazzling time tricks to make us all feel anxious that we aren’t completely done with Christmas by Thanksgiving.

Just one marketer’s observation!

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