Purpose of a Spokesperson

I don’t get it. Why would a company want a spokesperson that doesn’t clearly add credibility to their brand. Have consumers become so brand educated that they can get past the lizards and cavemen (yes, I am picking on Geico today) to the knowledge that Geico is an insurance company that they would want to consider purchasing? (Yes that is a purpose of advertising to create awareness and move a prospect to the consideration phase.) And, even if a brand chooses an odd spokesperson (a clown, a cow, a over-baked actor) shouldn’t the ad still be about the brand/product benefits that differentiate it from competitors? Instead we get ads that are about the spokespeople and their trials and tribulations (or games or love interests) and, at best, only vaguely refer to why someone should consider a product/service/brand. Have consumers gotten to the point where the brand qualities don’t matter but the most entertaining ad wins their pocketbook?

Quite frankly, I want a dependable, responsive insurance company…I don’t care about the self-esteem (or lack thereof) of a caveman. And I’m betting there is market share to gain by getting back to the basics in messaging and advertising.

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