What Makes A Great Trade Show Booth

Floor space, budget, image, key messages, partners, neighbors, product display, education… The list can go on for quite a while. All matter. All must be optimized. But the key factor to a great trade show booth is the people who are there to talk to prospects.

In small booths it’s easy to make the mistake of putting a table between you and the aisle, adding a few folding chairs and creating a situation where prospects must actively try and grab your attention. Be standing, make it easy to shake hands.

In larger booths its easy for personnel to gather deep inside the space, forcing prospects to walk-in and around before being greeted. Yes, the prospects that make it that far are more likely to be interested. And unfortunately yes, the marginal prospect has walked past.

Booth design strategy must take into account ways to encourage your peoples’ natural ‘outgoingness.’ The trade show aisle is a natural barrier to entry encouraging straight line walking. While flash and sizzle help draw prospects past the carpet tape, your people reaching out a hand to pull prospects in is what truly drives results.

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