Creative Fire Extinguisher #5 – The Universal Buy In

Similar to CFE #4 in that it pushes decision making responsibility away from an individual and towards a group is the wonderfully inclusionairy Universal Buy-In.

And your manager says, “Go Ye Into The Corporation And Implementeth Thy Idea With The Voluntary Help From All Such Departments That Are Touchethed By Thy Idea Or Hear Of Your Idea Or Simply Who Speaketh Loudly and Catcheth My Ear And Wanteth To Add Imputheth Into Ye Idea That I Liketh So Much.”

If you hold a powerful creative spark this may be all the go ahead you need to drive a great idea through the organization. Most of the time, it is simply a great way to freeze things the way they are.

Driving change with the voluntary help of various support groups means that if any group decides not to participate for any reason your project is dead. Driving change requires enough management support to help individuals get over their minor objections and on with change. Bureaucratic momentum is usually against change and for frozen processes.

Support your firestarters. Allow disagreement and conflict, but push participants to find solutions before attempting to kill the idea – Let them know you want the creative fire to melt through the ice.

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