Wildfire – Creative Fire Extinguishers Flair Up

Creative fire extinguishers are a normal part of our human nature. Change can be uncomfortable. New ideas can cause disaster. It’s natural to want to find ways to avoid disruption.

It would be nice to develop an organization that would drive these tendencies out, but that won’t happen to these deeply ingrained habits. For each habit you break a few others will pop-up. Creative Fire Extinguishers don’t exist because we have developed bad habits. They are here to serve real objectives of stability that exist for individuals and organizations.

So how do you keep Creative Fire Extinguishers under control? Know them. Understand them. Channel them. And then provide support for ideation and creativity to help overcome them.

Truth is ideas should have to survive a rigorous review. There are bad ideas. There is unnecessary disruptive creativity. The point of controlling Creative Fire Extinguishers is to make that review process as balanced as possible, focused on stated issues – not hidden agendas or misunderstood motivations.

I’ve summed up the ten Creative Fire Extinguishers we’ve gone through here:

#1 – “Did Something Like That 12 Years Ago”
#2 – The Fire Hose
#3 – Expect Customers To Be The Visionaries
#4 – Pursue Everything
#5 – The Universal Buy In
#6 – Efficient Use Of Time
#7 – Wasting Time
#8 – Everybody Knows
#9 – Ignore The Little Things
#10 – Expect Everyone to Just ‘Get It’

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  2. Nina says:

    Great ideas for success in the area of managing people. Nina

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