99.9% Effective

Watched an ad today for a new contraceptive device.  

The big takeaway – 99.9% effective.  

At first I thought, “What an odd number to crow about.”

I mean, kind of a critical subject to hand over to 1 in a 1,000 odds.  I wouldn’t fly an airplane with those kinds of odds.

Why would they be proud of that number?  

Are people that bad at math?

Is a thousand uses that far out of the question? (Probably, but one can always hope.)

Turns out, 99.9% is a very good effective rate compared to  other methods.  I wouldn’t have really known that from the ad itself.  They avoided fear mongering and focused on other attributes like convenience and such. What is really interesting to me is my reaction – they didn’t tell me that other methods were less effective, but by crowing about 99.9% they got me to ask the question. And I learned the answer more effectively than they could ever present it.

How could your product state a benefit in a way that undercuts the competition by just getting your target to THINK a little bit?

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