Have You Fallen Into The Marketer’s Gap Of Despair?

Falling into the gap of despair leads to expensive mistakes in marketing communication at the same time when large investments in product development should be made. During a downturn this gap grows swallowing and destroying marginal products and services.

Unfortunately, it can also grow to include entire product categories.

Have you fallen into the gap of despair? 

Are you Average?

Not Cheap enough?

Not Good enough?

Not Necessary enough?

Not Desirable enough?

Looking to your marketing department to fix your problems with high falutin’ yet distracting conceptual humor?

Then your product is in the the gap.  While marcom campaigns can pull a product and even a category out of the gap – this only works if there are real customer needs/desires and real product features/benefits to tie onto.  

The good news? Surviving a fall into the gap is possible.

We’ll talk about strategies that can work in upcoming posts.

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