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What happens when the web meets doggie day care?

Funny how a simple idea can force service transformations.

Most pet boarding facilities I’ve seen in the past involve caging and separating pets. Even the ‘pet motel’ concept involved only larger cages or runs and human play time.

We’ve all learned a lot from the Pet Whisperer, however.

How does that transform a dog boarding business?  It becomes a broadcaster! What better service for customers than to provide top quality programing involving their favorite ‘star.’ Of course now you have to think in terms of how your compound looks on camera, how your staff acts with the dogs, and all sorts of other things that improve overall service!

Simple to set up, yet not necessarily something most boarding facilities are comfortable with, the concept has generated other businesses focused on providing the technology and advice needed to make the idea a success. Online Doggy is one example.

Technology can often take you by surprise.  You’ve got a nice place, things seem to be going along well and then a $50 camera makes you rethink everything.

Now doggie cam is a cost of doing business.  

A short list of dog cams: 

Camp Bow USA

Fog City

Dogs in Paradise


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