Decisions, Decisions – Choosing Where To Grow

Even in times of contraction,
you need to plan for growth.

Even when every tool available is being cut to conserve cash,
you need to plan for growth.

Even when every customer you have is cutting back,
you need to plan for growth.

Pause, deep breath, repeat… 

Where can you find growth when all prevailing economic winds are against you? 

Are you making the hard decisions about resource allocation that will shift balances between new customer acquisition, existing customer growth, and product line development? Have you done the math on short term ROI for new customers vs existing customers?

What are you saying to customers that encourages them to think about growth and you as well?

Now is the time, more than ever, to invest in the relationships you have — with customers, vendors, partners and more.  Strengthen your own position by strengthening your entire ‘in-network’.

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