Do You Have Just One Creative Department?

Just one, really?  Shouldn’t every department have creative sparks flying?

I mean, you have hundreds of creative people in your organization. They discover things like solutions, work-arounds, sales pitches and efficiencies everyday.  They just may not work with oil paints, colored pencils or Macs. 

Are you telling some that they are not creative by having a Creative Department?

New FrogBlog Creativity Manifesto: 

All Department Names Will Include The Term ‘Creative.’


Could adding ‘creative’ to department names be freeing?

Creative Product Management

Creative International Sales

Creative Shipping

Creative Customer Service

Creative Custodial Services

Of course, we would probably have to make a few exceptions, Creative Accounting sounds a bit off.  And your Creative Department might be a bit put out – you could always offer up ‘The Creative-Creative Department.’ 

Is this too silly to get creative sparks flying? Maybe. But creativity is messy. Finding creative solutions is a lot like Kissing The Frog – you’ve got to smooch a lot to uncover those princely ideas.

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4 Responses to Do You Have Just One Creative Department?

  1. Brad Shorr says:

    Fred, Great idea, and I can prove it’s not silly by articulating the opposite of what you propose. How does the Uncreative Customer Service Department sound? Go Through the Motions Shipping Department? Play It Safe Sales Department? We all want and need to be creative in our work, if for no other reason than creativity is what customers demand.

    Brad Shorr’s last blog post..An Online Marketing Fairy Tale

  2. Terry Heath says:

    Yeah, the practice of creative accounting is generally frowned upon, isn’t it? But otherwise, people might say you’re onto something . . . or on something, which is an entirely different issue.

    In your examples, maybe the existing creative department could be called Creativity Headquarters or even Creativity Facilitation. Not great titles, these, but semantically speaking these ideas have merit.

    What if we got really creative and did away with department titles altogether? Now that might shake things up.

    How about “Whack On The Side Of The Head Department”?

    Terry Heath’s last blog post..Aesthetic Poets and “To Thine Own Self Be True”

  3. Hi Brad – lol! Given how some departments seem to work at odds with their mission – could you be on to something even bigger here? Maybe role reversal will inspire the mavericks to new heights. “So the boss want’s me to go through the motions? I’ll show her!”

  4. Hi Terry – I think I’ve worked in the Whack department…memory is a bit fuzzy though….lol.

    At Hallmark for a time we had a department called the Humor Workshop – designed from the ground up by the creative talent housed there apparently via visits to thrift shops, garage sales and abandoned movie theaters. Became a place a lot of groups would pilgrimage for popcorn, brainstorms and inspiration. I think the group was less threatening to biz types in part because they weren’t trying to claim they would bring some super creative juice to the party…only that they would think different.

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