New Ways For Entrepreneurs To Do Business With China

UPDATE: I just found out only the first day of the conference had been planned to be streamed, this being a first and all.  I was very impressed with the professional quality presented.  Technically, on-screen graphics for each speaker, multi-camera switching, good lighting, excellent sound.  It was obvious that IU had some capable media folks making things happen.  It was quite an improvement over some other ‘streaming broadcasts’ I’ve seen which tend towards one camera, low-def set-ups. I mention the technical end only because as the experience improves so does the learning.  The speakers were of very high quality and some great issues were discussed. Next step suggestion – let us send our questions in on-line for the speakers in real time!

UPDATE: Live video link is here.

This week, for the first time, a live video feed from the Indiana University China/US Business Conference will be officially available in China and set up for viewing at places like Zhejiang University. The entire three day conference and over 50 speakers from China and the US will be streamed live. Building international relationships has never been easier. The feed is available here on April 15th.

Technology has been doing its part to make it easier for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to access to the world community and IU has been doing a lot to bring business and the world community closer together.  In addition to it being viewed in China, it is also available worldwide as a FREE live stream.  (A bit of fair disclosure: My wife is the Director for the Indiana University Center For Business Education Research (CIBER) which is an event partner and I’m an alum of the IU Kelly School of Business.)

This conference is looking at US-China business cooperation and opportunities for entrepreneurs from the perspective of business leaders from both China and the United States. The schedule of speakers is here.

Streaming the conference spreads the benefit of this conference around and increases the potential of meaningful contact development. International virtual meetings don’t end the need for face-to-face contact but create the ability for more meaningful, frequent conversations among geometrically larger audiences.  Exposure builds trust.

I’m not sure you are interested in doing business across the world’s ever more permeable borders. But the ease of communication is bound to have an effect. For example, my art director has moved to Spain and is able to complete assignments as easily as if he was across town. Even entrepreneurs with the smallest of resources can now reach an international audience and maybe an international clientele. Which of course raises that ever present entrepreneurial question – how are my products unique? Not only in the neighborhood, but  now overseas as well!

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  1. Brad Shorr says:

    Fred, You’re really making me want to move to Phoenix! Seems like it’d be crazy not to explore doing business in China, given the size of the market and its projected growth. I know there are web development companies that specialize in helping Western firms get a web presence in China – it’s not as hard to do as I would have thought.

    Brad Shorr’s last blog post..Business Blog as Base of Operations for Online Marketing

  2. Terry Heath says:

    In my Western-centric mindset, I forget there are still places we can’t “get into” easily. We think nothing of chatting with people in other parts of the world, and thinking about time zones seems second nature now. And yet, so many are just coming in reach. Thanks for the reminder.

    Terry Heath’s last blog post..“Elsie”

  3. LaVonn says:

    Thanks Fred for the plug. While this isn’t the first use of streaming video by IU it is the first full conference that has been hosted with a live feed. We are very excited about this conference and the many who have said they are interested in attending via the web. Right now almost 200 people will be attending the conference in Indianapolis tomorrow — I am hoping that we reach that many again with the feed!

  4. Hi Brad, I’m not surprised there are folks out there specializing in helping with that western/China web presence. The Ciber group at IU is doing a lot to try and bridge those cultural divides as well. Seems that there would be opportunity in trying to better target every international market out there.

  5. I’m amazed at how little geography has to do with my business any more. It’s gotten so client meetings are as likely to happen with GoTo Meeting across town as they are when distance really is a factor. The Genetics lab I work with gets requests world wide for services found cause of a simple web page and nothing else. Because the US is such a loud country it’s easy to think that everyone is already listening, even though we’re not always listening back.

  6. Happily! This is pretty cool stuff. Changes how I work, and I’m sure its having an effect on others as well. Hope the conference is a great success.

  7. Terry Heath says:

    You’re so right. I heard we have two ears and only one mouth because we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we talk. Too bad the U.S. doesn’t have at least two ears . . . well I guess actually we still have several million more than we do mouths, so maybe it still does apply.

    Terry Heath’s last blog post..On Being Remarkable

  8. I just updated the link for those who are interested. The conference has just started.

    Fred H Schlegel’s last blog post..New Ways For Entrepreneurs To Do Business With China

  9. Andrew says:


    Technology has made a wonderful contribution in terms of breaking down barriers in all aspects of life, and the conference which you refer to represents a wonderful example of this.

    I still feel that geography is somewhat relevant, particularly as there is still a need for face to face communication. I would imagine, for example, that there would be too many cases where a company would enter into a major deal with any other company without having met the managing director of the other firm in question in person, wherever the individual concerned may reside.

    That said, technology has, as you say, made possible a great deal of international collaboration which would not otherwise be possible.

    Andrew’s last blog post..Diligently handing money over to scam artists

  10. @ Terry You crack me up.

  11. Hi Andrew, You are right about the need for face to face communication especially for face to face deals. The cultural divide can be huge, and therefore, miscommunication during a conference call on both sides very likely if they are not very familiar with each other.

    I recently met a specialist on South American culture and business. In many areas US management approaches caused more conflict instead of resolution due to cultural differences. Many issues needed to be handled on the sidelines, which is difficult to do when all parties are on the same conference call… no room for whispering and a drink after work!

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