Kiwanis Peanut Day – Top Ten List

Kiwanis Peanut Days have arrived here in Chicago so here’s the top ten reasons to dig into your ashtray for a bit of change (or how ’bout a twenty?) as you’re driving around town.

10. Our stylish neon orange vests make us irresistible

9. The Park Ridge Club alone provides funds to over 20 local organizations including Avenues to Independence, Meals on Wheels and Plymouth Camp for the Handicapped.

8. Peanuts are yummy.

7. Operating funds for Kiwanis are paid for through member dues. Your entire donation goes straight to local charities.

6. Since 1951 Kiwanis has been raising money one peanut at a time at intersections all over town and our feet are tired.

5. You love pancake breakfasts! (Our other major fundraiser – really has nothing to do with peanut day, but pancakes are also yummy.)

4. In addition to cash, club members provide hands on support for rehabbing facilities, community activities, and other people powered needs.

3. The change in your ashtray is rattling, ruining your smooth ride. (That could also be paper crinkling in your pocket, better get rid of it!)

2. If you don’t want to give today, how ‘bout joining? Always looking for more help.

1. Your Change Can Change The World. Children worldwide benefit from Kiwanis activities, including our support for Spastic Paralysis Research.

    I’m a member of the Park Ridge Kiwanis Morning Club. Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers who work to bring change to the world one community and one child at a time. Members raise funds and donate time to assist community organizations. Each year clubs sponsor about 150,000 service projects and raise over $100 million to fund community and research projects. So, if you can see your way clear to buy a pack of peanuts (or pretzels in some places) thank you!

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    8 Responses to Kiwanis Peanut Day – Top Ten List

    1. Paul C says:

      What a wonderful idea. Our city (Windsor, Ontario) just celebrated Literacy Day (Raise a Reader) and volunteers sold copies of special edition newspapers. Food for the mind versus the body (soul)? Great post on getting out there and volunteering for a worthy cause. Thanks for the inspiration.
      .-= Paul C´s last blog ..A Father’s Grief =-.

    2. Hi Paul, The literacy day initiative sounds great. Sometimes getting out on street corners raises attention as much as it does money. Both important goals.

    3. Andrew says:


      I had never heard of Kiwanis before, but based on your description, it sounds like an extremely worthwhile organization.

      I think that point seven represents a very significant point. A major sticking point with regard to charitable donations is a concern on the part of prospective donors that large portions of funds donated are eaten up in collectors fees or administration, and I would certainly think that your point that absolutely all of the money goes to the charities concerned goes a long way toward eliminating the basis of these types of fears.
      .-= Andrew´s last blog ..Back home/back online! =-.

    4. One reason why I’m a fan of many local organizations that have volunteer feet on the ground. The goal is to get resources where they are needed not the fundraising itself.

    5. J.D. Meier says:

      My grandfather was a member of Kiwanis. I thought it was a great thing.

      When I was younger, I didn’t know what to relate it too, so I figured it was like Fred Flintstone’s Water buffalo Club or Ralph and Norton’s Raccoon Club.
      .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..The 80 Year New Economy Cycle =-.

    6. Hi J.D., Always a dream of mine to be grand poobah! Most of the service clubs I know of today are a bit about fellowship but more about getting something good done in the world.

    7. elmot says:

      I came from Jan_Geronimo’s blog post, listing great bloggers and cool writers.

      We also have a local Kiwanis Club in my community here in the Philippines and I admire their vision especially on their education programs and out-reach to those who needs to be taught with the most basic of literacy skills.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Noynoy Aquino, People Power III and Coffee =-.

    8. Hi Elmot, That’s really nice to hear. Thank you so much for visiting.

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