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I keep a lot of irons in the fire and so the reading here at the FrogBlog tends to be a bit eclectic. Following are my recommendations for posts that I think you won’t waste your time reading…

Ideas From Strange Places – Interesting ideas come from unexpected places.

The Physics and Ideation Series – Loved the book The Age of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn By Louisa Guilder and couldn’t help riffing through the connections to business and creativity if found in it’s scientific history pages.

  1. Ways to Unleash Creativity “I’ve seen ideas take this kind of tortured path in the business world. The truth is, the most innovative, most creatively destructive ideas always take time. Always must be tested. Always destroy careers of the unlucky and make geniuses out of the lucky.”
  2. When does a Breakthrough Idea Become An Acceptable Idea? “Illustrating the winding road taken by the physics community in understanding entanglement, it shows how even the most brilliant can dismiss, ignore and argue against ideas that seem to break foundational beliefs.”
  3. Creativity and Mismatched Socks “I’ve been thinking about lessons we can take from the physics community to more successfully develop ideas — and I’ve been wearing mismatched socks.”
  4. Customer Entanglement “I think the word ‘entanglement’ may be the best single word description of marketing at its best – no matter what your specialty.”
  5. Physics, Ideation, Community & Entanglement “Physics has been my muse for thinking about ways creative ideas might be better shepherded through an organization as we try to:  Avoid concept death by committee.  Avoid killing creativity through argument.  Avoid ignoring the game changing idea.”

The Uncertainty Paradox Series –  “Uncertainty is a funny thing. At the same time it destabilizes your organization’s ability to generate profits it opens up opportunities for the future.”

  1. Tackling the Uncertainty Paradox — An Introduction “Preparing (for Leadership) — Differentiating (the Enterprise) —- Connecting(to Customers/Partners/Competitors)”
  2. Are You a Business Uncertainty Explorer “Are you ready to set sail when the map is solid blue?”
  3. Creative Response to the Uncertainty Paradox “Sometimes we just need to turn our thinking upside down. Customers change. Tastes change. No mater what creative endeavor you are part of, the more rules for success are written in stone the more opportunity is knocking for the potential leader who can see things a different way.”
  4. When Thinking Out of the Box, You Just Might Want To Think In The Box
  5. The 3 P’s of Innovation “Perspiration, Perseverance and Perspective”
  6. Global Winds Driving The Uncertainty Paradox “No matter how local your business appears, global forces are going to trip you up if they haven’t already. A corollary – all local markets will feel the impact of international competition and technological change.”
  7. Scenario Planning As A Spur To Entrepreneurship

Creative Fire Extinguishers – I need to fire this series up again.  Here’s my top 10.

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