Is Your Stuff Up To Snuff?

One of my morning peruses is Seth Godin. I like his attitude. And I like the fact that he understands that it is about the “what.” or the “stuff.” “Hey. It’s not so hard. If you make great stuff, people will find you.” ( I asked a client not long ago when he wanted to find new channels because the old ones were not delivering the results…”Is your stuff up to snuff?” Is yours?

Strengthening The Relationship
Even When Things Go Terribly Wrong

I’m not easily impressed – especially when I feel as if everything is going wrong. But in the end I have to grudgingly tip my hat to ComEd’s Customer Service Group even though I’m sitting here with only half power 6 days after the storm. Did ComEd’s electronic response system make mistakes? Looks like it. Did individual ComEd reps make mistakes? Looks like it. Did the customer (me) make mistakes? Probably. First, about my problem – Why am I still at half power? Turns out an electrical spike fried my breaker box. Unfortunately, ComEd kept saying the power disruption was their issue until about 5 pm yesterday so I delayed calling an electrician. I’m writing this from a computer that is running off a series of extension cords strung from from a kitchen outlet that is also running my fridge and stove. I had never heard of half power before, … Continue reading

Strategic Shifts Can Be Icky

When something fascinates you, do you still pick it up? Or do thoughts of unforeseen trouble keep your hands in your pockets? Few of us live in an industry where last year’s strategy will take us through the next decade. Few of us have businesses where success will come from ideas handed to us by our competitors. Sometimes the best ideas look icky when they are sitting under a rock.