Continuing Tales Of A Yogurt Fanatic

As you may have read at the end of March, Dominick’s has turned me into a Yogurt Fanatic. This is not to say I enjoy yogurt more than I had before, it’s just that now I must make a separate trip to find the brand to which I had become attached (Lifeway Kefir). It’s been about two weeks and I’ve discovered Trader Joe’s. It’s a nice place. They have kefir. They also have baked pea pods (yum). To date I’ve made two trips for kefir, spent about $60 in doing so, and have found a store with a bunch of stuff I can’t find at Dominick’s. Who Cares? Back to shelf optimization and the trade-offs you end up making. Dominick’s missed why I shop their yogurt display. They didn’t get it. I now am buying all my yogurt elsewhere, other things as well. If there are only a few of me, Dominick’s probably … Continue reading

How To Add Thinking Time

I am on a soap box these days about the effect of no thinking time. So today I come to you with a simple way to add more time into your day: Make all 1 hour meeting 40 minutes. Make all 30 minute meeting stand-up. If you do this (at least in the meetings you have control over!) you will buy yourself at least a few extra chunks of time you can set aside for thinking. Shut your door, turn off your phone, send your computer to sleep and that’s it…contemplate a problem, noodle over the future, consider the consequences, ruminate over a decision. I double dare you to try this…You and your business will be better off because of it.

Are You Passionate?

Are you? Is your team? Your boss? Your company? Whether the answer is yes or no it matters. If I were a betting person (wait I’m a marketer isn’t that the same thing?) I would lay you odds that a company’s passion score is directly related to their success with long-term innovation and development. Can a blase’ company embrace the change necessary to grow and evolve along with their customers? Can a team truly redefine how they approach the marketplace if they are indifferent? Take a quick pulse of your organzation…is the collective heart rate up as they excitedly move ahead? If it isn’t or you want it to go faster, you will have to be passionate and you will have to inspire passion in others. And that is what leadership is all about.

Purpose of a Spokesperson

I don’t get it. Why would a company want a spokesperson that doesn’t clearly add credibility to their brand. Have consumers become so brand educated that they can get past the lizards and cavemen (yes, I am picking on Geico today) to the knowledge that Geico is an insurance company that they would want to consider purchasing? (Yes that is a purpose of advertising to create awareness and move a prospect to the consideration phase.) And, even if a brand chooses an odd spokesperson (a clown, a cow, a over-baked actor) shouldn’t the ad still be about the brand/product benefits that differentiate it from competitors? Instead we get ads that are about the spokespeople and their trials and tribulations (or games or love interests) and, at best, only vaguely refer to why someone should consider a product/service/brand. Have consumers gotten to the point where the brand qualities don’t matter but … Continue reading