Another Advertising Rant

Last night we had a discussion while watching the Big 10 Basketball Tourney. An ad for a car (and none of us could remember the brand) had many men — all ages and shapes — shedding their clothes on a busy street so they could touch/wash/rub up against a car full of young women. Why? no one even ventured a guess The message? it takes very little for men to make fools of themselves Did it inform me? no Did it entice me? no Did it entice the men in the group? Way no Did it entice the women in the group? H*&^ no Did it improve my awareness of this car? no Too many times ads seem to be created for their shock values and for the entertainment of the account executives or the creative directors. What a waste of marketing budget.

Commercializing Technology – Starting The Business

“You either make it or sell it.” Those are the key first players in a new business according to Michael Ferro, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Click Commerce, Inc. at the Forum –Commercializing Technology To Drive New Business Formation: The Experience of Entrepreneurs. A great insight, one relevant not only to entrepreneurs but any business developing a new category, product or business. Sales ensures a direct connection to the market you are trying to tap. Immediate feedback. Deals done. The Builder ensures a product gets made and delivered with vision & insight. For a new entrepreneurial company this provides the foundation for building. In my own experience, this provides the foundation for larger organizations to ‘go entrepreneurial,’ driving quicker decisions. Cheaper development. Cleaner concepts.

When Am I Suppose To Buy Halloween Candy

I was in a retail store last night getting a prescription filled. Halloween was almost non-existent in the store with Christmas already looming large. The Halloween candy selection was all but replaced with marshmallow Christmas trees and candy canes. I don’t know about you but I can’t buy my trick-or-treat stash before October 30th if I want to actually give it away October 31st. Even more frustrating is that I know Valentine’s Day will fill in behind the empty Christmas card pockets and candy shelves with Easter following closely behind. Last year I tried to buy a new winter coat at the end of January. Couldn’t find one but did find a number of bathing suits to take me through the summer. Need a wool sweater buy it in August. Back to school supplies actually begin showing up in large retailers in July. Heaven forbid you want to buy the … Continue reading

Do Your Customers Give You the Time of Day?

Did you know there is a “National Take Back Your Time Day?” And, according to one business pundit, Time Deficit Disorder (TDD) keeps potential customers from having time to read their direct mail or try new products. Breaking through the clutter in the marketplace has always been an issue. Potential customers are inundated with new products, new services and new ideas all vying for their time and dollars. This however is the first time I have heard a marketer blame the customer for not participating. This perspective certainly explains a number of tv ads running these days. Watching television sometimes feels like I am in a room with 20 5-year olds all trying to get my attention by screaming loudest or acting silliest. Marketers you need to remember that potential customers probably aren’t responding because they don’t feel like you are talking to them. It is about meeting a need in the … Continue reading