Why ATT Is Fabulous and Why Comcast Should Not Be On Twitter.

This is the story of two wonderful people and two ways of handling customers. Because of one this is not a rant, but a piece about good customer service. MYSTERIOUS FORESHADOWING: This piece ends with the rather unlikely event of more than just I ending up as an ATT U-verse customer thanks to ATT-Sarah in Bloomington. First, the setting: @Comcastcares has done a lot of good work from the looks of it. He (and I assume his helpers) have been talked about on podcasts and at blogs around the net for solving problems customers have had that were not solved by Comcast’s standard customer service center. And that’s good. You need to oil the squeaky wheel quickly.  But as part of that process you really should be fixing the cause of all those squeaky wheels. In twitterspeak: #FAIL

Following Instructions

From the Ideas From Strange Places Department I found myself at the laundromat for the first time in a very long time. I was a reluctant customer, but time was running out as evidenced by three rather large bags of laundry in my car’s back seat. Now, I’m the first to say customers aren’t stupid. But I have noticed over the years that the more customers you have, the more likely one will go off in a way that might give you that impression. On this particular day, it appears, I was that customer. The Wascomat Sr. was new to me. Nothing from college days prepared me for the the giant, front loading beast that promised to do my laundry a hamper at a time. This was my kind of machine. A souped-up washer. I stuffed it full. I read the instructions. I filled the coin slide and pushed. Then…nothing. … Continue reading