When I Googled donuts recently an old familiar name popped up. LaMar’s. Kansas City staple. Glazed donut of the gods. Warm when you pick them up and as they go down. TJCinnamons was the only short term challenger for ‘perfect morning meeting food.’ That didn’t last long and is a whole different story. Every time I live in a new city, I must search for the perfect donut. Every city seems to have their own local donut hero. LaMar’s worked out of a converted gas station for years. You’d pull up on almost any morning to cars parked four deep. Like there was a gas shortage but for donuts. This appears to be a real thing. Hadn’t thought about it before. Growing up we were a Dunkin’ Donuts family – that’s where I acquired my addiction to the slightly more difficult to make french cruller. Delicate enough that you had … Continue reading