I’m One of Many Seeds, and Happy To Be…

“My positioning statement is two words: “Empower people.” What’s your’s?” Guy Kawasaki, Enchantment Bringing about change is a lot like swimming upstream.  Everything and everyone pushes you to run fast with them promising safer, faster, easier waters via alternative compass headings. But changemakers in the world not only swim against the current, they pull thousands upstream with them. Motivating movement with the force of an idea. Guy Kawasaki takes on this force in his latest book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. I’ve long enjoyed reading Kawasaki for his ability to present ideas that can help you move mountains in ways that are both motivating and realistically grounded.  So I was delighted to receive a pre-release copy from his publisher last month to review if I felt so inclined. You have to enjoy a book that wraps up with a chapter on how to avoid being wrongly … Continue reading

Resume Pointers

As marketers, we market ourselves. Steve Tobak’s take on Guy Kawasaki’s resume pointers. Ten things to keep in mind, just in case you are rusty. Includes his own executive format as a sample.  And just for emphasis add this to point 3: Hire a proof reader.  A real one. One who actually does it for a living. If they don’t challenge you on at least three things. Hire another proof reader. I don’t care how good you are. Also – Always include a personal cover letter that sells your talent in relation to the job that is being offered.  No Form Letters. Personal. Act as if you care about the company, or even know who they are. And finally – take a look at www.linkedin.com and www.ladders.com.  Good stuff, good people. (my profile is here – www.linkedin.com/fredhschlegel.) UPDATE: More on Career Marketing – Rohit Bhargava at the Influential Marketing Blog … Continue reading