“Catering To Past Patterns of Power”

What a great way to sum up one of the key roadblocks to successful innovation. I heard this term used by Robert Johnson while speaking with Bill Moyers about fixing the international banking crisis. (Johnson is currently serving on the U.N. Commission recommending reforms for the international monetary and financial system.)  It was a warning, a fear, an observation of how politics tends to work. And a reminder that the higher the stakes the more forcefully past patterns of power try to assert themselves – no matter what system is being re-engineered. Past Patterns Of Power have several things going for them that innovation does not –  Security – “Hey, It’s always worked this way before.” Money – Both money too lose and money to donate. Changing systems means changing fortunes. Momentum – If the herd is stampeding North, and you want to take a jog to the West – well, it … Continue reading

What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis

‘They lost their destinies because they wanted to save their pasts.”  What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis Agreeing with what Jeff Jarvis says is not the point of What Would Google Do?.  Neither is disagreeing.  The book is a great discussion starter for your team.  It is a shot against sacred cows. It is a call to rethink assumptions. The business models discussed by Jarvis may or may not work for your company or industry – They are after all a description of what worked last time. And even though much of the book focuses on the impact of digitized products, it is relevant to your warehouse and manufacturing plant.  You can get a taste of what Jeff has to say on his blog, www.buzzmachine.com, where he is regularly publishing portions of his book. —-

The Open Marketing Plan and Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has thrown the gauntlet down to see how far can you open a business development process with his ‘Open Stimulus Plan’. Post your business idea, all of it, for the world to see and he considers providing growth funding. All your competitors, potential and real, see your plans. That’s right, everyone gets to see what you are planning to do. This takes open to a new level. Continue reading

When Did AOL Go From Disruptor To Disruptee?

A tweet from Guy Kawasaki pointed me towards this article, “Google Next Victim Of Creative Disruption” by John Borthwick, an AOL alum.  It’s a good read – giving some interesting background on thought processes going on at AOL right at the time it was being absorbed by Time/Warner. Comments to the post indicate Borthwick is an investor in Twitter, which may color his picture of that great platform’s potential – however the analysis of how creative disruption did effect AOL and could effect Google is a great thought experiment.  Of course this and a bit of other Google news all comes out just as I’m getting deep into “What Would Google Do?”